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May 23, 2013 -


The "CINEMA e DIRITTI" Manifest

The role of human messages

The Cultural Association, "Cinema e Diritti" (Cinema and Rights) was born in Naples (Italy), on November 30th 2005.  It is composed of eight founding members and it is also a non-profit association. 

"Cinema e Diritti" was born out of an idea shared by a group of friends: the access to free and honest information which stimulates a more conscious participation in public life, and which is a necessary premise for true democracy that is needed in every corner of the world.  For this reason, "Cinema e Diritti" was not created to become the nth cinema festival or to satisfy the desire for a development of a discipline reserved for a few specialists, but to create the largest possible human network in which digital technology aids in the dissemination of images, words, sounds, feelings of solidarity, art impulses, culture; in summary: a network of human messages.   

Our conviction is that the defence of memory, the safeguard of history, literature and visible arts, which express the most profound heritage of a community, can improve the attitude in every individual towards developing a critical ability, which is capable of feeding the constant comparison with others, escaping contingent exploitations of the dominant stream of thought.  And, this is not, thanks to the community and individuals towards which are focused, the choice to passively defend the ‘own’ identity, but to actively communicate, grow and transform, a choice which is able to consent living our own time away from global mystifications, in peaceful coexistence, in a more serene equilibrium with the rest of humanity.

The need to create our association was born out of this, to give the possibility to those who wish to participate with us in this experience, to exchange with others –those who are far and who are different because of their culture and convictions– the images and works which are born out of observing our own realities; observation is a quest in itself, investigation, comparison, especially if these images and works are concerned with individuals who unjustly suffer under the weight of discrimination or conflict. To observe and be observed can aid in establishing a comparison based on few certainties and a great desire to understand the reasons of who, in our judgment, appears hostile and unacceptable, to understand the differences and refute discrimination. 

Human rights are a difficult material to frame and understand if they are limited to merely judicial and formal aspects.  But, their evidence becomes immediately concrete if we simply observe and ponder on the most elemental individual and collective violations which afflict our societies, equally in those called developed. In this case, the images and testimonies help us understand where the limits to our conscience lie, and serve as an incentive for choral and political valuation. 

What for some is intolerable for others can be normal: it is part of the cultural behaviour which we have accumulated through time, but it is up to each to set our judgment up for discussion and to modify it, or at least, have the courage and will to ‘taint’ it with the benefit of the doubt. 

To be able to do it requires, besides free and conscious choice, information on materials and works in the form of books, articles, words, pictures, as well as movies, short films, documentaries, photographs, music, works of art, signals.  

"Cinema e Diritti" seeks to give life to this idea on communication which produces subjective and collective cultural growth, by freely exchanging the points of view through which we see the world, determined to open up a debate without boundaries, in which each one can contribute with a part towards the discussion, writing a line in our website, filming or describing the pain of someone who must bear guilt and exclusion for no other reason except that they are poor, immigrant, weak, or simply the other, finding with us the space to denounce or to give an opinion, pose a question.

"Cinema e Diritti" is a communication project, which, like human rights, is born without pretending to be immutable, but with one conviction: promote production and diffusion of correct, lay, free information, especially free of mediation, which can contribute towards reducing social, civil, and economic inequality among human beings, through the sole strength of images, words and sounds which, in the end, are the true essence of our relationships with others.  That which we have so many times lacked. 

The digital web is not enough for this.  One must move around, move the personal observatory, look at the sky and then look at the earth, find each other, shake hands and hug, talk and scream if necessary, sit, observe, listen, fix one’s eyes on the person who is in front, and then smile, ask, get angry, protest, fight, cry. 

It would exciting to find that a place like this was needed. 

Cinema e Diritti